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Attractions Carita Beach Banten Pandeglang

Attractions Carita Beach Banten Pandeglang - Carita Beach is one of the best Beach Attractions you must visit in the city of Pandeglang, Banten. Location very close to the coast of the Indonesian Ocean mejadikan various beaches in the district, especially Carita Beach looks so beautiful and fascinating.
Coastal Tourism in the water CaritaKeadaan Carita Beach looks so clear. You can even clearly see basically well as a variety of marine life such as small fish are seemingly so beautiful to swim in it. In addition, the diving activities, we can also look directly with the naked eye the various types of coral reefs are very exotic. It is hard for us to describe how clear and green color of sea water in Carita Beach.

Carita Beach
Towards Access Carita Beach Attractions
To reach Attractions Carita Beach, you can travel overland through the city and drove about 2.5 hours to get tourist location Carita Beach when taken by private vehicle. However, if you want to use public transport, you can use public transportation through Kalideres terminal in West Jakarta. You can use the transport to the city of Cilegon and tourist areas across Carita Beach, Karang Bolong Beach, Anyer Beach and Marina Beach.
A variety of activities you can do at Carita Beach Attractions Pandeglang this. You can do sports activities such as Jet Sky, Banana Boat, and snorkling. In addition, the height of waves up to 2 meters Carita Beach also frequently used by visitors for surfing activity. You can rent windsurfing equipment is widely available in this Carita Beach.

Various supporting facilities existing tourist attractions in Carita Beach is already available. Start of places that rent various equipment for water traveled, lodging, and culinary. There are a variety of lodging at Carita Beach, including cottages cottages-up that a lot of star Hotel offers a variety of vacation packages, and supported by a wide range of facilities stay complete. So, we can choose what accommodation to suit our needs.

For those of you who come from far and want to bring souvenirs or unique souvenirs Baduy, in Carita Beach Attractions Pandeglang Banten is also available. Carita Beach, you can meet and interact directly with the inland tribes, while buying a variety of handicrafts typical of Baduy is to be used as souvenirs.

That's a little info about the Object Nature Tourism Indonesia Attractions beauty Carita Beach Banten Pandeglang on this occasion. Do not forget to look at other Coast Attractions that might be your next travel destination.

Carita Beach

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Attractions Carita Beach Banten Pandeglang
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