Sunday, November 30, 2014

Travel In Sentosa Island Singapore

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Travel Adventure - Travel In Sentosa Island Singapore, Sentosa Island is a tourist spot in Singapore are complete, but are not integral to the main island of Singapore, but was on a separate island. Many ways to reach Sentosa Island, the most interesting is to use the cable car because you can also enjoy views of the Singapore city from the heights. Cable car up the price is quite expensive, which is around 300,000 rupiah, but this cable car ride can provide an interesting experience for you. If you want to save money, there are other ways to reach Sentosa Island is to walk, climb the Sentosa Express monorail, and use the bus. Which can be found on Sentosa Island is a beach, hotels, spas, restaurants, shopping, golf courses, a wide variety of entertainment attractions, casinos, and others.

Merlion Park In Singapore

Merlion adalah sebuah patung dengan kepala singa dan berbadan ikan yang sudah menjadi maskot Singapura. Nama Merlion merupakan gabungan dari “mermaid” dan “lion” atau dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah ikan duyung dan singa. Taman Merlion Park buka 24 jam setiap hari dan tidak dipungut biaya bagi siapapun yang ingin berkunjung, sehingga anda dapat menghemat biaya perjalanan anda. Selain berfoto-foto anda juga dapat menikmati sungai di lokasi ini karena Merlion Park terletak di depan Singapore River.
Travel Adventure - Merlion Park In Singapore, Merlion is a statue with the head of a lion and the body of fish that has become a mascot of Singapore. Merlion name is a combination of the "mermaid" and "lion" or in Indonesian is a mermaid and a lion. Parks Merlion Park is open 24 hours every day and is free of charge for anyone who wants to visit, so you can save the cost of your trip. Besides taking pictures you can also enjoy the river at this location because of the Merlion Park is located in front of the Singapore River.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mount Jayawijaya, Papua

In the province holds the famous peaks, namely Puncak Jaya, Puncak Jaya Wijaya or covered with snow as the altitude rises 4,884 meters above sea level. However, the snow is expected to shrink as a result of global warming. Another name is Carstensz Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramide. Taken from the name of a Dutch adventurer, namely January Carstensz, who first saw the snowy mountain peaks in the tropics. The observation was made by him through the ship. It was recently proven true after three centuries later, and becomes one of the attractions of Natural Indonesian pride. History of Mount Jaaya Wijaya began in 1889, a Dutch expedition to create a map of New Guinea and found a snow-capped mountain peaks, as reported by the Carstensz. In honor of Carstensz, the mountaintop is later named as the name suggests.

Mount Jayawijaya, Papua

whereas, Puncak Jaya Wijaya designation was given by President Sukarno after successfully embrace the Sovereignty of West Papua from the Netherlands. The first recorded climber ever to conquer the Puncak Jaya is the expedition team led by Heinrich Harrer in 1962. Attractions: Mount Jaya Wijaya Papua is one of the snowy peaks in the crossing of the equator, in addition to mountains in Africa and Latin America. When viewed from the air, Puncak Jaya Wijaya looks like a black tapestry covered by a white hood. If the sun is bright, the snow will memantulkkan blinding sunlight. The content of the ice in the mountains is expected to reach 5% of the world's ice cadeangan that are outside the African continent. However, due to global warming from year to year that number is shrinking. When viewed from the type of glaciers, snowy areas in Jaya Wijaya into the Alpine-type glaciation. While glaciers or streams covered in snow in this region goes into Glacier Valley types, namely the flow of glaciers flowing from on high to the lower area. Therefore, in this area there is a possible flow of the glacier.

If you are interested in exploring the attractions of Mount Jaya Wijaya Papua course the main thing that needs to be prepared is the physical readiness, supplies, and logistics. Exercise regularly in areas with cold temperatures is one of the most effective habituation to avoid the threat of hypothermia, which is the loss of body heat because he was a very cold temperature region. In addition, the licensing aspect should also be prepared well before the implementation of the climb. Because, in addition to the severe ascent MenDan Papaua region often hit by riots, wars between tribes, and other security threats. Unlike the previous Attractions: Mount Inerie unnecessary special trip to visit her agent, then the Jaya Wijaya Mountains Attractions Papua is just the opposite.

Climbing terrain heavy, complicated licensing process, as well as security when climbing process, requires that you use the services of an experienced travel agent. Various travel agents who have an international reputation has provided two choices Path Climbing Mount Jaya Wijaya, the classical pathway or pathways through the village Ilaga both more comfortable with a helicopter ride to the Basecamp Hill Lake or Lake Valley. The travel agencies will usually handles licensing, transportation from Jakarta to Papua, leasing a helicopter to base camp, trekking guide, insurance, as well as training and conditioning team before climbing on Mount Jaya Wijaya Attractions Papua. Of course, the cost per person for a team ascent using the services of a travel agent requires considerable cost, which is about $ 10,000, or about one hundred million dollars more. If you use the services of a travel agent to enjoy this Mountain Tourism, hence the need for accommodation and various facilities for climbing in the Jaya Wijaya Mountains Attractions Papua normally have been part of the responsibility of the travel agent.

Mount Jayawijaya, Papua

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tourist Attractions in Navan

Snacks Typical of Places in Purwokerto
Navan is a city located in Central Java. Purwokerto itself is the capital of Banyumas. There are many tourist attractions in Navan along with distinctive food.

Navan is a city with very rapid development. Navan is in the middle of the island of Java, so that this city is a strategic city. Because, only with a time of 5-6 hours by train, you've got to the capital Jakarta.

Tourist Attractions in Navan

Tourist Attractions in Navan

While the time is not too long you've been in Semarang. Similarly, if you want to go to Bandung, Yogyakarta, and so forth.

Tourist attractions Navan can not stand alone. The region is still being around Navan, among others:
Cilacap district there are white sand beaches, sea kampun, immediately tillers, beach turtle eggs etc,
Kebumen there Jatijajar Goa, Fort Van Der Wijck, Petanahan Beach, Goa Petruk etc,
Banjarnegara there Serayu river rafting, crater Sikidang etc,
Purbalingga there Karangbanja tourist village, mountain climbing Slamet, Goa Lawa etc.
In addition to the tourist attractions in Navan are not to be missed, there are some typical foods that can be used as souvenirs, among others:
Soto Sokaroja the soup in general, but because it was found in the village Sokaroja then named as the name of the village,
Mendoan is based foods then fried tempeh. However, this is different mendoan with fried tempeh in other areas,
Fried Gethuk derived from cassava or yam that has been mashed and then put together and mixed with brown sugar or sugar cubes. Then, the gethuk fried. You can get it at the center of souvenirs,
Lanting you can buy in the center of souvenirs like the Sawangan area. This food is suitable for the family hands.
Incomplete when it comes to tourist attractions in Navan but do not enjoy distinctive food, as well as other areas. You also can bring as souvenirs typical of Purwokerto.

Places other Java: Places of West Java - East Java Places

The most important thing to try is mendoannya. Because, Purwokerto also known as the City Mendoan. In fact, other typical food Navan has worldwide.