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Bali Vacation Spot is Wonderful

Bali Vacation Spot is Wonderful - Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia bales island located between Java and Lombok island with natural beauty became an icon of tourism in Indonesia. Nature, tradition, culture and abundant wealth makes many people interested to visit the city. Bali island is commonly dubbed this paradise island. Her beauty is not only known in the country, but also has been known to cross the continent. and abroad. Tourist attractions in Bali seems to be a paradise world that can not be found anywhere else. 

Tourism in Bali is very famous for its beautiful beaches. The beaches in Bali are very exotic. View of sunrise and sink is beautiful and romantic. Not to mention the surging waves as surfers call to dance on it. In addition to beautiful beaches, Bali also offers a strong cultural tradition that is reflected in the building of temples and their lives. The following is a list of tourist attractions in Bali which is very interesting to visit. 

Kintamani can be an alternative to the beach attractions. In this place visitors can stunning natural beauty of the mountains. In the area there Kintamani Mount Batur caldera that formed along a lake that is Lake Batur. Visitors can also enjoy the hot water attractions spread across the region. In addition, there are also many quasi exotic Balinese. 

Sanur Beach Bali 
Sanur Beach Bali
Sanur Beach is located in the east of Denpasar. Sanur is famous for the beauty of the rising sun so many people dub this place as the sunrise beach. This beach also has the allure of another form of the waves are very suitable for surfing. Besides surfing, there are also other facilities such as snorkeling. Many foreign travelers like Sanur beach because it is very fitting for diving and surfing. 

Land Lot Sunset 
Land Lot Sunset
Tanah Lot is a temple built on a rock at the seaside. This temple is located in the village of Braban, Tabanan. This location can be taken approximately one hour drive from Ngurah Rai. Puranya exotic coupled with its beautiful beaches become the main allure of Bali's tourist attractions. 

Kuta Bali Beach 
Kuta Bali Beach
Kuta Beach is one of the tourist icons of Bali. This beach is very popular with both local and foreign travelers because of its beauty at sunset. Moreover, the location of this beach is very close to Denpasar and only about 2 km from Ngurah Rai Airport. Kuta beach has been known since the 1970s. This location is a favorite of tourists to spend time with friends while enjoying a drink and a meal at a beachside cafĂ© that much milling about on this beach. 

Ubud Beach
If you like a quiet tourist with beautiful natural then Ubudlah place. At this location you can enjoy the village atmosphere of calm and harmony. Secured away from the crowds and noise of the city is tiring. Ubud is also famous for painting or carving beautiful. 

Tourist attractions in Bali 
Bali Island Tourism Map
Quite a lot of choice in Bali's tourist attractions which can be used as a family vacation destination. Tourism industry is also highly developed. It can be seen from the excellent infrastructure ranging from transportation to access roads to tourist attractions. Accommodation facilities are also very good. In addition to five-star hotels, there are also other options like homestays to a small inn for those who like backpacker-style holiday. 

Tourist attractions in Bali have no doubt as the best tourist destination in Indonesia. In addition to the above attractions, there are many more exciting attractions. Call it Bedugul, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, etc.. So optimally plan your trip to Bali in accordance with your finances and needs. Use a good journey travel agents for your convenience.
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Bali Vacation Spot is Wonderful
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