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The Beauty Of The Marine Park on The Island of Raja Ampat

The Beauty Of The Marine Park on The Island of Raja Ampat - Raja Ampat is a new district carved out district wilaya slide with an area of 4.6 million hectares. Approximately 85% of the total area of ​​the ocean, while the rest is a group of islands and coral atolls some 610 islands. Of the hundreds of reed islands only 35 islands are inhabited by natives. 
Raja Ampat National Park
Raja Ampat Islands is not only regarded as the Indonesian Nature Objects form the largest marine park in Indonesia, but also believed to have a wealth of marine life in the world. Reveal panoramic Attractions Raja Ampat Marine Park began when a Dutch nationality accomplished diver named Maxx Ammer visit this area in 1990. 

Attractions Raja Ampat Marine Park is a coral reef with a wealth of marine life in the world, has at least 1300 species of fish, 600 species of coral and 700 species of shellfish, not to mention the various types of turtles, algae and jellyfish. The greatest wealth throughout the world coral triangle area is the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. 

Given the breadth of the waters Attractions Papua Raja Ampat Marine Park as well as a wealth of diverse marine life, then you can pick a point to start diving. Around the island Kri, you can see the beauty of coral reefs and various kinds of fish is amazing, including the types of Queensland Grouper, pompano, snapper, grouper, reef sharks, tuna, napoeleon wrasse, barracuda, and giant trevelly. 

Other dive spots in the Attractions Raja Ampat Papua Marine Park is at Sardine Reef with a depth of about 10 meters. This place serves a variety of fish including parrotfish that have brilliant colors. If you want to try the sensation of being in a rock tunnel, you can dive around Kaboei Bay Rock Islands. There are a bay which is a tunnel underneath a rock. Kaboei Bay Rock also there are caves inhabited coral ole bats, and in some places the remains of human bones. 
Raja Ampat National Park
There are many other dive spots in the Attractions Raja Ampat Papua Marine Park that you can browse, like in The Passage, Island Fam, and Misool Island. In addition to enjoying the wealth of marine life, you can also enjoy the historical sites under the sea, including warships and combat aircraft which sank in the waters of the Marine Park Attractions Raja Ampat in Papua. Not only that, you also can enjoy the beauty of the islands region Attractions Papua Raja Ampat Marine Park in a state of pristine, lagoon, and the bay is protected, has a stretch of stunning beaches and clear sea water. 

You are interested in visiting attractions Papua Raja Ampat Marine Park can be departed from Jakarta or other big cities to the airport Domine Eduard Osok, Sorong, West Papua. Flights from Jakarta to Sorong usually transit in Makassar or Manado. From the Domine Eduard Osok, you can immediately proceed to Attractions Raja Ampat Marine Park towards fast berkafasitas 10 people at a cost of around Rp 3.2 million each way for 4 hours. 

No special ticket to enter the territorial waters Attractions Raja Ampat Marine Park. Only, the cost to rent a motor boat, divers equipment, and instructors ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in a single dive. The process is usually carried out diving many times to enjoy the diving points different. Therefore, the divers are advised to reduce the amount of expenditure groups are relatively expensive. 

Attractions in the area of ​​Raja Ampat Papua Marine Park, you can obtain adequate facilities at several resorts that exist, such as at Kri Island, Waigeo, Mansuar, and Misool. Some resorts set a high price because it presents a complete facility. If you come with a lower budget, the resort owned by the government could be an option. 

Another alternative to enjoy the attractions of Papua Raja Ampat marine park is to choose to stay on board the boat hire Pinisi that has been modified specifically for diving activities a few days. The ship has a maximum kafasitas 14 people at a cost of about 90 million to 110 million for a cruise for a week. 
Raja Ampat National Park

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The Beauty Of The Marine Park on The Island of Raja Ampat
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