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The Best Vacation in Province Jambi

The Best Vacation in Province Jambi - Jambi is a province on the island of Sumatra. This province has a variety of natural resources to attract the attention of visitors. Most of the tourist attractions in Edinburgh is dominated by tourist nature reserve which does have a beautiful panorama. But you do not need to worry, the existence of the tourist attractions are no less interesting and exciting than tourist attractions that exist in other cities.

If you visit the city of Jambi, try yourself a time to visit some tourist attractions in Jambi that you must go. Guaranteed you will definitely be satisfied with the variety of interesting things to offer. To that end, consider a review of some of the famous tourist spots in the city of Jambi following.

Mini Garden City of Edinburgh
Mini Garden City
If Jakarta is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, another case with the city of Jambi. City of Edinburgh has a Mini Garden City of Edinburgh. Mini Garden City of Edinburgh can be used as an alternative tourist spots in Jambi must-see when in the city of Jambi. Mini Garden City of Edinburgh to be near Taman Rimba zoo and can be reached by a distance of 300 meters from the airport Sultan Taha. You can find a variety of platforms custom homes in the district and town in the province of Jambi. Even more interesting again, you do not need to pay for purchase or free admission.

Lake Kerinci

For the people of Edinburgh, would have been familiar with the Lake Kerinci. Lake Kerinci is a tourist place in Edinburgh at the same time is the second largest lake after Lake Toba in Sumatra. This lake has an area of ​​approximately 5,000 m2 with a depth of about 110 meters at an altitude of 783 meters above sea level. Here, visitors can buy fresh fish directly catches of fishermen. Quite fun is not it? While enjoying the beautiful scenery followed by shopping fish fresh from the fishermen directly. Moreover, in Lake Kerinci also often held annual festial for attracting visitors.

Kerinci Seblat National Park
Lake Kerinci
Sebelat Kerinci National Park in Jambi is a tourist spot that serves a variety of forest ecosystems. The park has about 4,000 plant species which are rare plants such as Kerinci pine (Pinus merkusii strain Kerinci), interest Raflesia (Raflesia Arnoldi and R. hasselti), pale wood (Harpulla Alborea), and the corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum and A. Decussilvae ). Not only that, this national park also has a wide range kleksi fauna including 37 species of mammals, 6 species of amphibian, 10 species reptillia, 139 species of birds and 8 species of primates. Some of that interest is the golden cat (Catopuma temminckii) and the presence of a mysterious primates are often dubbed 'short people' by the surrounding community.

Muara Jambi Temple Area
Muara Jambi Temple
Muara Jambi Temple area is a tourist spot in Jambi very famous. In fact, this region is touted as the largest temple area in Southeast Asia and is often visited by Buddhist community in Southeast Asia. They flock to the temple area to perform religious rituals. Regions that have high historical value has several groups of buildings such as the Temple Bay, Gedong, Temple High, Kedaton Temple, Temple Astano, and some of the building again. In addition, the area around the temple is also found the remains of settlements where these items are now stored and exhibited at the Center for Information Zone Muara Jambi enshrinement.

Hot Semurup
Hot semurup
Here it is the tourist attractions in Jambi suitable as a place to relax. Hot Semurup located in Kerinci regency, Jambi 15 KM from the River Full. Airpanas source is also very suitable as a family tourist spot because there is a children's pool facility. Hot Semurup known to menyembuhnkan various skin diseases and rheumatism. And unique anymore, you can boil an egg in the hot water with a time of about 10 minutes. Interested in trying?

Well, that's a review of some of the tourist attractions in Edinburgh are appealing for your visit. Now you do not need to be confused again looking for alternative places when you are in the city of Jambi. Berbaga pengalalaman fun awaits you there. Capture every moment that you are doing in some of these sights.

Hopefully the information about tourist attractions in Edinburgh earlier can be useful for you all. Let's invite as well as family, friends, friends, and relatives to visit some tourist places before. Prepare all your holiday gear, and set off towards the destination. Congratulations traveled.

Tourism place objects located in the city of Jambi:
Dekranasda Jambi
Surge (Sports Arena) New Town Edinburgh
Forest City Mayang Mangurai - Jambi
Kampung Raja
Swimming Pool Edge Rajo - New Town Edinburgh
Tomb complex Rajo-rajo Jambi
Tomb Datuk Sintai
Great Mosque of Al-Falah
Museum & Museum of Jambi Jambi Struggle
Sightseeing Lake Sipin
Tourism Object Bay Lake
Ceramics market
Batik & Craft Studio PKK Jambi
Orchid Garden Sri Soedewi
Taman Mayang Mangurai - Telanaipura
Taman Mini Jambi & Garden Jungle
Teen Ria Park - New Town Edinburgh
Tanggo Rajo

The object is located in the Tourism Muaro Jambi:
Muaro enshrinement complex Jambi
Tomb of Princess conformable Pinang Cook,
Fat People & People Kayo Kayo plain
Taman Wisata Indah Setiti
ACI Park
The object is located in the District Tourism Batang

Forest Park Senami
Recreation Rengas Lean
Wood Carving Crafts Centre Island Village Betong
The object is located in the District Tourism Tebo

Crying & Stone Waterfall Bulian Bloody
Lake Sigombak
Palace of Sultan Taha Syaifuddin
Tomb of Sultan Taha Syaifuddin
Forest Park Bukit Sari
Park Hill 30 (BTNP)
The object is located in the Tourism Bungo

Domains River Falls wormwood
Tegan Waterfall Left
Stone Tread Nine & Batu Caves Muah Muaro
carrion flower
Dam Dam Semagi & Trunk Uleh
Tomb Pakubuwono III
Masjid Al-Falah Tuo Empelu
The object is located in the Tourism Sarolangun

Park Hill 12 (TNBD)
Simpang Narso & Waterfalls Waterfalls Seluro
Inscribed stone inscription Coral Lust
Lake Biaro
Lake Kaco
Natural Panorama Hill & Hill Paradun Rayo Sulah
Batang Asai
The object is located in the District Tourism Merangin

Ulu cave Tiangko
Grao Solar, Grao Nguak & Grao Turmeric
Mount Masurai
Lake Pauh
Four lakes Depati
Waterfalls Sigerincing
Ivory Sorcerer
Ancient Rantau Panjang Housing
River Falls Piul
hours Gento
The object is located in the District Tourism Kerinci

Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS)
Kayu Aro Tea Plantation
Mount Kerinci
Seven Mountain Lake
Smoky Falls Telun
Hot Semurup
Lake Kerinci
Goa Kasah
Swamp Ladeh Length
Great Mosque cottage High
Sacred mosque
Pictorial Stone & Stone Broken
stone cannon
Fortress Depati Parbo
Grao Rasau
The object is located in the District Tourism Tanjabbar

Docks & Market Kuala Tungkal
White Sand Beach and Mangrove Forests
Sumatran Elephant Training Center
Park Hill 30 (BTNP)
The object is located in the District Tourism Tanjabbar East

Mangrove Nature Reserve East Coast
Tomb People Kayo Kayo Black & People Pingai
idols Island
Berbak National Park (TNB)
Tourist attractions in Jambi largely dominated by natural and cultural heritage, but has a charm of its own even one of them had heard his name until foreign.
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The Best Vacation in Province Jambi
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