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Tourist Attractions in Navan

Snacks Typical of Places in Purwokerto
Navan is a city located in Central Java. Purwokerto itself is the capital of Banyumas. There are many tourist attractions in Navan along with distinctive food.

Navan is a city with very rapid development. Navan is in the middle of the island of Java, so that this city is a strategic city. Because, only with a time of 5-6 hours by train, you've got to the capital Jakarta.

Tourist Attractions in Navan

Tourist Attractions in Navan

While the time is not too long you've been in Semarang. Similarly, if you want to go to Bandung, Yogyakarta, and so forth.

Tourist attractions Navan can not stand alone. The region is still being around Navan, among others:
Cilacap district there are white sand beaches, sea kampun, immediately tillers, beach turtle eggs etc,
Kebumen there Jatijajar Goa, Fort Van Der Wijck, Petanahan Beach, Goa Petruk etc,
Banjarnegara there Serayu river rafting, crater Sikidang etc,
Purbalingga there Karangbanja tourist village, mountain climbing Slamet, Goa Lawa etc.
In addition to the tourist attractions in Navan are not to be missed, there are some typical foods that can be used as souvenirs, among others:
Soto Sokaroja the soup in general, but because it was found in the village Sokaroja then named as the name of the village,
Mendoan is based foods then fried tempeh. However, this is different mendoan with fried tempeh in other areas,
Fried Gethuk derived from cassava or yam that has been mashed and then put together and mixed with brown sugar or sugar cubes. Then, the gethuk fried. You can get it at the center of souvenirs,
Lanting you can buy in the center of souvenirs like the Sawangan area. This food is suitable for the family hands.
Incomplete when it comes to tourist attractions in Navan but do not enjoy distinctive food, as well as other areas. You also can bring as souvenirs typical of Purwokerto.

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The most important thing to try is mendoannya. Because, Purwokerto also known as the City Mendoan. In fact, other typical food Navan has worldwide.

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Tourist Attractions in Navan
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