Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Beautiful Lakes Campotoso in Italia Country

Travel Adventure - Lake Campotosto is a man-made lake in Abruzzo, Italy. This reservoir is located at an altitude of 1,313 m and consists of an area of ​​14 square kilometers. It is located in the natural park known as the "Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park".
This lake can be reached via Italy Satate higway first 80. This lake is a peat bog that is used as an energy source by local small industry until the 20th century campotoso lake was created in 1930 by making a dike around the peat bogs, the reason This is made so that no water is accommodated so that the water reservoir is used as a source of hydroelectric energy.
During the construction period campotoso lake there is a strong cable car is used as a carrier of ex- excavation.
which makes this beautiful lake is during the winter the lake freezes completely campotoso this until winter is over, so many people came to see the beauty of the colors - colorful fallen leaves on the forest lake campotoso.

If you would like to visit this place you can see the map below:

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The Beautiful Lakes Campotoso in Italia Country
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