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Best Holiday Place in Bengkulu

Best Holiday Place in Bengkulu - Confused looking tourist island of Sumatra? Vacationing alone to Bengkulu, Bengkulu is a province located on the island of Sumatra. Location of Bengkulu city less strategic but a city that has stunning natural beauty, that attract foreign tourists visit there. 

Although the strategically located approximately Bengkulu city but there are many tourist attractions in Bengkulu, which can be visited with loved ones. Interesting sights, historic and beautiful make sense of curiosity want to go to a tourist attraction in Bengkulu. 

For families who want to vacation in Bengkulu advised to visit tourist attractions in Bengkulu guaranteed to feel the natural beauty and panoramic views of the very beautiful and make people be amazed. On this occasion will discuss about the destination list of Bengkulu. 
Existing attractions in Bengkulu: 

  1. Rat Beach is the parent of a small beach around it, there are lots of coral. 
  2. The house is currently occupied by Bung Karno exiled Anggut located on Upper Street. 
  3. Test lake is the largest lake in Bengkulu is equipped with a green scenery. 
  4. Fortress Marbourough. 

There are also tourist attractions Long Beach Bengkulu is visited by many local tourists. Long-distance coast of Bengkulu city approximately three feet, to go to Long Beach can use public transportation. 

Fir tree lot around Long Beach. Facilities owned Long Beach is complete, the existing hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, large parking area, and cottages so if you want to stay in Long Beach do not have to worry about shelter or other facility. 

Some of the tourist attractions in Bengkulu described above for those who want a vacation can choose one or several that will be visited in the city of Bengkulu. Every place has a tourism characteristic and uniqueness of each and the differences so the appeal of their own. 

Before going on vacation to prepare luggage. Bring only necessary items so that when in tourist temoat do not have to buy it again and leave unnecessary items in order not to bother when traveling.

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Best Holiday Place in Bengkulu
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