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Indonesian Safari Park Best Holiday Place

Indonesian safari park best holiday place - Tourist attractions in Bogor best Vacation which will be reviewed in this article is a safari park in Indonesia. Safari Park is a famous tourist spot in Bogor.  Indonesia is an archipelago country that is rich in diversity of flora and fauna in the Emerald of the Equator. 

At the Safari Park can see the various animals which allowed to live freely in nature. Sometimes there is also the attraction of the animals that were there like a bird of prey attraction, elephant, and others.  Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor Best Vacation 
In Safari park attractions in Bogor best vacation animal must enter the area through the grass and trees on the right and left of the road. In the first part welcomed zebras and horses in the colors white and black will ask for food to visitors. 

Visitors can open the glass of the car when domestic animals are in the area. Some domestic animals, there is a force for food by standing in front of the car but do not need to fear because there are experts who take care of these animals. 

In the wild animals there is an automatic gate that opens itself when the car passes. Wild animals include leopards, lions, tigers, and bears. 

Once satisfied with the streets to see the fauna of the tame to the wild. Now will see another vehicle that can be enjoyed at the Safari Park in Bogor tourist spots best vacation. There are some games that use the engine, for example jet coaster, mini kora-kora, and spinning boat. 

Play area and games contained in Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor: 
Safari Water Park, 
Baby Zoo, 
Waterfall prosecutor, 
Safari Trek. 
Tourist attractions in Bogor best vacation safari park which provides a place for visitors to stay overnight. Bungalows are made ​​of wood or stay in the caravan is plihan the inn that has been provided in the safari park. 

The inn is located in the mountains with lush trees and a quiet atmosphere. In the lodging facilities are provided in the form of restaurants, karaoke, swimming pool and meeting rooms are also available.

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Indonesian Safari Park Best Holiday Place
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