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Best Vacation Spots in Jakarta

Best Vacation Spots in Jakarta - Jakarta, is the capital city of the State of Indonesia located in this city never sleeps. A place so densely populated as able to hypnotize people to crowded - crowded visit. Who does not know of Jakarta, the city that is synonymous with this jam turned out to have an abundance of charm in the eyes of many people. Here are all available. Offices, shopping centers, tourist spots even in Jakarta. Yes, even though Jakarta is a crowded city, but Jakarta has a myriad of tourist attractions which never deserted to visit.
Tourist attractions in Jakarta is very diverse. Start of culinary attractions, sights education, natural attractions, the shopping, entertainment and tourist attractions. You want to visit Jakarta? It never hurts to see a list of tourist attractions in Jakarta so that you can determine the destination traveled. Let's look at the coverage.

Old Batavia (Old Town)
Old Town
Old Batavia or often known as the Old Town is a tourist place in Jakarta full of exotic and educational. This is the right place for the lovers of photography. With the background of a row of old relics of the colonial era buildings, you will feel like back in the past. Region which has an area of about 1.3 km2 has a museum as one of the places that a full education. You can spend time in the Old City while enjoying the atmosphere of the past by staying in several hotels around the Old City. Exciting is not it?

Want traveled while looking at the various types of marine life? Seaworld is the right place. Tourist attractions in Jakarta has a large aquarium containing thousands of species of marine life. There are sharks, dugongs, giant pacific octopus, spider crab, pineapple fish, and many more variety of marine life that you rarely temua. You will feel at sea in the company of a pretty wide range of fish. In addition, the Kuga Seaword provide a souvenir shop seaword ranging from dolls, mugs, and other accessories for those who want to satisfy the shopping desires.

Dufan (Fantasy World)
Dufan or Fantasy World is a tourist place in Jakarta, which has a variety of exciting rides and exciting games. The crowd was diverse backgrounds ranging from children, adolescents, and adults. This place is very busy as a family tourist spot. It is a place of entertainment in the area of ​​Ancol Dreamland in North Jakarta is located. Proboscis Monkey with a mascot, Dufan able to attract the visitors to come visit. There are many wahan that you can play here such as kestrel, lightning, pot-pot, tornadoes, Kicir-Kicir, Ontang-earrings, and so on.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)
Taman mini
Want to find a complete tourist? Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is the place. It is a tourist spot in Jakarta filled with education. Because, you can enjoy a diversity of ethnic groups in Indonesia through various custom home complete with all accessories. Not only that, there are many recreational facilities such as a cable car, Indonesian Children Palace, Tourism Village, Snow Bay Swimming Pool, Park Among Putro, Taman Ria Atmaja, and Swan Boat Arsipel Indonesia. Powered by 10 kinds of flower gardens, 16 museums, and theaters or theater. Very complete instead?
How? Have determined the purpose of your tourist attractions in Jakarta? That's some interesting options that you can visit to fill out an annual holiday or holiday weekend. By doing so, you will be relieved of all kepanatan. Invite as well as family, friends, or close friends to enliven the atmosphere of your vacation.
Hopefully information on tourist attractions in Jakarta can be useful to you as a reference to fill the holiday. Prepare all your travel gear to your destination when he got no direptkan with equipment left behind. One not to miss is the camera. Be careful not to lose any memorable moment in the sights. Congratulations traveled.
List of tourist attractions in Jakarta to complete

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Best Vacation Spots in Jakarta
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