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Getting to Know The Place in Melaka Tourism Malaysia

Tourist Places in Melaka Containing Many Elements History - Malaysia has always been synonymous with the twin Petronasnya building and enchant it. However, by visiting the tourist attractions in Melaka can make you better understand the history of Malaysia. 

Malacca was even listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site category on July 7, 2008. You can imagine, Malacca is similar to the old city of Jakarta. In this most Malacca is still sticking with the typical Chinese-style building. 
Melaka Malaysia

Getting to know the place in Melaka Tourism Malaysia 
Melaka tourist spot is not far from the name of history. There are some churches that come from the history of Malaysia, among others: 

St Peter's Church is one of the historic Catholic church at once the oldest in Malaysia. However, the church is still used today. The church was built under Dutch rule in 1710.

Christ Church is located next to the complex Stadthuys. This church is the oldest Protestant church in Malaysia and are still used today.

St Paul's Church is a church that is located on the hill of St Paul. This church was founded in 1521. Originally, this building has a design that sederahana but steadily expanding. Some parts were destroyed by war. 

In addition to tourist attractions in Melaka reeks of history, you can also enjoy a culinary tour at Jonker Street. Many of the series sold cake cake-like snack market has a sweet taste. There are also a variety of flavors beaneka lunkhead well as chocolate, cheese and fruit flavors. 

In addition, there are some that sell cake moaci typical Malacca, candy, soft drinks packaging box, biscuit, instant milk tea and so forth. There is food, there is also a funny stuff like key chains, flip-flops, belts etc. 

In addition because of the smell of natural sights and windy breeze, tourist attractions in Malacca offers a holiday with fun and educative. Tourist attractions in Malacca you should try with the family. 

More info Malacca Tourism: Tourist Attractions in Malacca with Minimal Budget 
Introduce the child about the history of Malaysia. If there is a cost, you can bring souvenirs typical Malaysian kinship with relatives in order to stay in touch better.
Melaka Malaysia

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Getting to Know The Place in Melaka Tourism Malaysia
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