Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to Order Cheap Tickets in Traveloka.com

In emergency situations when you want to travel by plane, you desperately need one ticket reservations quickly, without having to queue up to buy the plane ticket, to overcome such a plane ticket today can be found easily online, one of which is Traveloka. com a website that you can use as booking airline tickets or hotel reservations directly. Okay I will explain how to book cheap tickets in traveloka.com, steps - steps as follows.

1. Search Flight 

Start your search on the home page and enter Traveloka.com flight data. 
Open traveloka.com 

  • Input data required, such as the city of origin, destination, departure date, and the date of your home, (if you want to message a return ticket). 
  • Fill passenger categories, such as Adult> 12, Children 2> 12, Babies 0> 2. 
  • And then click on "Find tickets" to get started. 

2. Select a message and flight 

On the search results page, you can simply select the desired flight. Press the message button to book the flight. 

  • Then you will view the first page of search results taken flight. 
  • Choose the flight that suits you. There are several icons in column facility, to make a booking click on the button. 
  • To see the flight details click in the yellow area. 

3. Fill in the contact and passenger 

After selecting a flight, you now have to fill in the data of the subscriber can be reached as well as data from a departing passenger. 

  • You will be taken to the booking page 
  • Make sure you select the flight that fits your order. 
  • Subscriber data content can be contacted as contact name, e-mail address, telephone number. 

* Attention, traveloka.com official ticket will be sent via e-mail, make sure that your e-mail content can be accessed. 

  • After all the data loaded click the "Continue" 

4. Make a payment 

On the search results page, you can simply select the desired flight. Press the message button to book the flight. 

  • Posted on the payment you will select a payment that fits you. 
  • If you would like to use vouchers traveloka, click the "use voucher" 
  • Payment can be made by selecting the appropriate button, the form will automatically fill out the account. 
  • Make a payment according to the instructions contained in the payment page. To transfer, note the time limit given. Make sure you do a transfer within a predetermined time period. 

5. E-ticket is sent 

After payment is made, we will send a confirmation SMS instantly. E-Traveloka.com official ticket will be sent to your email address within 60 minutes.

  • The transaction has been completed. 
  • You will get a confirmation of payment via SMS / Email.E-Traveloka.com official ticket will be sent to the email address you provided in the contact data entry page within 60 minutes.

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How to Order Cheap Tickets in Traveloka.com
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