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Mount Agung in Bali Island

Mount Agung in Bali Island - Bali is so much to save tourist destinations, both coastal tourism and nature tourism plateau. Climb the highest mountain on the island of Bali, namely Mount Agung become a tourist could not pass up. Hole diameter crater about 500 meters to one of the attractions of Mount Agung. The natural beauty is what attracts anyone to climb the peak of Mount Agung.
Mount Agung
For the people of the Hindu Balinese, Mount Agung is a mountain that is purified. According to their beliefs, there is a palace of Mount Agung in Bali, and the gods live in this mountain. 

To reach the summit there are several climbing routes commonly used. First, from the south side through Pura Pasar Agung, District Strait, Karangasem regency. Secondly, from the southeast through Budakeling through Jackfruit. The third pathway, namely through the southwest side through Pura Besakih. The third path is the most popular among the climbers. Due to reach the highest peak can only be passed through this largest temple complex in Bali. 

When climbing Mount Agung Besakih through in the District of Rendang, Karangasem regency, hikers are treated to panoramic nature of Bali is very beautiful. Green rice field as well as several large and small temples into the exotic scenery. 

Before climbing, climbers must report to the officer, then the climber will be accompanied by a tour guide. For information, since the last accident that killed three people last climber in 2008, then from 2009 each general mountaineering activities are required to use local guides. At a cost of Rp. 350.000, - for the local guides. It is based on the agreement of local indigenous people in order to minimize similar events as well as maintaining the sanctity of Mount Agung. If there is a disaster like people missing or killed, usually to be held rituals to purify the back of Mount Agung at considerable cost. 

Climbers Junggul diverted through the village, which opened December 26, 2010 The line will not pass through the temple, Besakih long as the path. Hamlet Junggul located around the upper right side of Besakih complex with a height of about 1200 meters. The new path is much faster than the old climbing lane. Water supply must necessarily be prepared before starting the climb, as long dirt path not found a source of water. 

About half an hour first ascent was slightly sloping path with shrub and forest vegetation. Next climb the uphill path through the ravine ridge on the left and right. At the steep path, an average slope of more than 55 degrees. Even so, the line was quite interesting and challenging. The forest is still fairly well preserved and worthy of a major alternative pathway of climbing Mount Agung Besakih malalui. In this pathway found many small animals like leeches. 

About 3 hours, at an altitude of 1935 meters above sea level, hikers will reach the first plateau area which can be used to set up a tent. This area is not too large, but large enough to hold 1 or 2 person tent size 2-3. 

Furthermore, increasing climbing steep terrain. Close to the limit of vegetation climbing route with a slope of nearly 70 degrees. Stony paths and mossy little prudence requires climbers. 

In location is at an elevation of about 2,680 feet wide and is indeed not difficult to find a place sedikti to set up a tent. But there are one or two places enough to accommodate one person tent measuring 2-4. The place itself is already above the Kori Agung or Boike if through a long path. 

In the morning, in this place, it looks so beautiful panorama. From a height, visible mountain lake Batur and Mount Abang with little cloud wrapped. On the other side looks green valleys and the sea with its beaches limit. Far below the villages seem to be around the foot of Mount Agung. 

Climbing lane then just a thin ridge with a ravine on the left and right. In the distance the highest peak. Climbers must berjalanan over thin ridge to the summit of Mount Agung prudence demanded high. During the ascent we should be able to pay attention to the weather and the wind was blowing pretty hard sometimes. Also the fog that came and went. 

It was not until half an hour of the original camp climbers will arrive at the second peak. From the highest peak in Bali sacred tower seem obvious. Climbing line looks thin with ravines visible in the left and right. The climbing terrain looks awesome and adrenaline boost for anyone who saw it. In the distance a longsongan on the right side of the track still looks new. 

The peak of Mount Agung is only measuring about 2 x 1 meter. Appear in front of us the crater of Mount Agung with yellowish crater walls. The walls of the crater looks golden brown. 

Mount Agung
In 1963 the mountain was experiencing violent eruptions. Eruption of smoke soared even up to more than 10,000 feet above the summit. Swallow up more than 1,000 fatalities. The magnitude of the impact of the eruption to make a new life back to normal in Bali in early 1970. 

Great Mountain now has a ± 3,044 meters high. Massive eruption in 1963 has reduced the height of the mountain is 3142 meters originally.

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Mount Agung in Bali Island
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