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Madale Beach Best Vacation

Madale Beach Best Vacation - Poso is the main port city as well as a terminal in the port city and the north coast of Central Sulawesi. For tourists, Poso is a stopover town (transit) before continuing the journey to some tourist sites around Poso for example, to the beach or to Ampana to then get to the island aboard Togean. However, Poso itself is a nice town for a short rest before continuing the journey. 
Beach Madale
Poso is a regular small town, and you can go anywhere in this town just by walking. The city center is located on Jl Poso Sumatra and surrounding areas where there are a number of hotels, restaurants and shopping areas. The tourism office (tel 21839) can be found at the west end of Jalan Sudirman, where travelers will get some brochures about tourist information in this area. 

Because of that, before the 1998 conflict, Poso known as "nirvana" in Central Sulawesi. Everything travelers want in this city. Starting from the tour until its night life, available here. 

Nature in the eastern part of Indonesia is one of them is the beach madele in Poso, Central Sulawesi. White sandy beaches, covered with blue sea water and clear sky roof is the perfect place to tour, especially who love the beach. 

Madele coast at Poso be evidence of natural beauty that we have in the eastern part of Indonesia, this beach is located about 5 miles east of Poso. Indeed, the beach is not so popular among the traveler. If you go there and see for themselves beaches, only a sense of wonder that can menggambarkanya. 

This beach is very clean and still has not been touched by the hand - naughty hand, it is an attraction for tourists, natural atmosphere will maximize your holiday. 

Stretch of sand is very white. With the heat of the sand matahariputih will tease you and give you a view that is not tired - tired to enjoy. Coupled with a flick of the trees, relax on the beach Madele very comfortable and very pleasant. 

The sea will add to the charm of this beach. On the beach, blue sea jernih.serta farther away will look more bluish color. The scenery is very beautiful and certainly rarely obtained. 

From the description of the archipelago Kemenparekraf tourism information guide. Madele beach waves are not too big. So you can swim and do snorkeling activities. It would be nice to bring snorkeling gear and prepare before going to this place. 

Each indentation Poso is always interesting to be enjoyed. Natural charm so attractive. For beach lovers, Poso not be missed. Maintained its natural purity is still very natural. The freshness of the air carries sensation.
Beach Madale
Other tours around Poso: 

Around Poso there are some interesting locations to visit, especially for those who like to swim or snorkel; one of which is located Madale beach about 5 kilometers east of Poso. Further east, at a distance of 20 km from Poso, there Matako beach with white sand beaches. While Toini Beach is located 7 km from Poso to the west. This beach is popular for a number of restaurants serving delicious seafood. 

Third beach can be reached by public transport and taxis from terminal near Poso market. About 40 km from Poso to the east there are Tombiano who have inhabited a large cave bats, in Maranda, located about 47 km west of Poso are small waterfalls and hot springs where visitors can swim, Tampemadoro Goa is located 22 kilometers south of Poso, on the road leading to the Tentena. 

To go to the location of the waterfall cave and you can ride public transportation from the terminal to the appropriate destination Poso, and ask the driver to drop you at the destination location. 

Lembomawo located approximately 4 kilometers south of Poso and is known as the center of wood carving craft ebony (black wood). To reach this place you can take a minibus from the terminal and get off at Lembomawo Poso. From Lembomawo you can walk (4 km) to Ranononucu melalalui two suspension bridges. 

Indonesia's third largest lake is Lake Poso, which has an area of ​​approximately 32,300 acres with an average depth of 500 meters. Lake Poso has a length of 32 Km and 16 Km wide. Location of the lake which is at an altitude of 657 meters above sea level. Is unique because of sandy white and yellow gold as well as undulating like the sea. Very beautiful natural panorama of the surrounding hills and woods and stand tall fence surrounding the lake. 

Lake Poso is located in the town of Tentena and beautiful lake where it became one of the main reasons people stop in Tentena and Hall, each of which is located at the north end and south of Lake Poso. Both of these places are connected by means of regular transport crossing the lake. Travelers can berjalanjalan down the rural areas around the lake or rent a boat around the lake. 

At the event held every August Lake Poso Festival is the biggest cultural event in the region. The festival is attended by most of the villagers residing in this beautiful area. Lake Poso is also known 
because it has a garden orchid named Taman Anggrek Bancea which has a collection of wild orchids. The park can be reached on foot (11 Km) or rental car ride to Taipa from Pendolo.

Saluopa Waterfall tourist sites are in a forest area near Tentena where there are a number of rapids, waterfalls and several pools with clear water crystal clear. 
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Madale Beach Best Vacation
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