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Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo Island

Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo IslandGorontalo is a province largely consists of a mountainous region because the majority of the surface topography in Gorontalo is hilly. The mountains are there also has a fairly high altitude. In addition, well known Gorontalo very thick with the feel of the community and also blend religion. If you intend to visit one of the areas in Sulawesi, also visit tourist attractions in Gorontalo which will fascinate you. 

Gorontalo is one of the tourist areas that have historical and cultural value. Gorontalo also emphasizes the cultural and natural elements as assets in connection with the tour. Feel the sensations also the beauty of existing attractions in Gorontalo that will make you amazed and mesmerized by its unique beauty. If you visit the tourist places in Gorontalo, in addition to having a good time you can also gain insight and knowledge about the history that is in Gorontalo, especially the area is famous for its friendly community. Here are the tourist attractions in Gorontalo you can visit.

Fortress lake Limboto Otanaha
Fortress Lake Limboto
Fortress Limboto Otanaha lake is used as a building heritage tourism site. The fort is located in the west village area Dembe I, which is about 8 kilometers from the center of Gorontalo city. To be able to visit this fort you have to climb the stairs, amounting to 351 and traverse a circular path by using the wheel or 4-wheel vehicle 2.

Waterfall Ayuhulalo
Waterfall Ayuhulalo
This is a tourist attraction located about 8 kilometers from the capital Tilamuta, Gorontalo. To be able to visit these places could use the land or sea transportation. Ayuhualo famous waterfall is very beautiful and the hills around it are also green and cool, so that makes the visitors mesmerized by its beauty.  

Nani Wartabone Park
Wartabone Park
Tourist attractions in Gorontalo has some rare habitats whose existence is almost extinct. The park also has other keistemewaan such charming natural beauty. Park formerly known as Bone Dumoga this is a tourist place that has a lot of uniqueness in it such as the presence of rare plants rarely found elsewhere. 

Traditional House Dulohupa
House Dulohupa
This custom home is the pride of the people of Gorontalo. This custom home is a relic of history, formerly often used as a meeting hall at the time of the kingdom. The concepts outlined in this custom home is a modern architectural style with Islamic nuance. The show is often done in this custom home is a typical dance of Gorontalo. 

There are many things that can be learned from some of the tourist attractions in Gorontalo is largely a relic of history. Especially for the noble values ​​of the culture of Indonesia. In addition to the above attractions there are many more other attractions that you can visit. In Gorontalo also the oldest mosque Baiturrahim Mosque which was built in 1728. 

Tourist attractions already mentioned above is a tourist spot visited by many tourists both local and foreign. There are many more attractions in Gorontalo you can visit. The tourist spot is one of the attractions in Indonesia that you must visit if you come to Gorontalo area. A few information about tourist attractions that exist in Gorontalo can be your way later reference. 

Fortress Otanaha 
Lake Limboto 
Forest Nantu 
Great Mosque Baiturrahim 
Thermal Baths Lombongo 
Pentadio Resort 
Bitila Island 
Saronde Island 
Traditional house bandayo Poboide and dulohupa 
Site Otajin 
Pentadio hot springs and Lombongo 
Marine park Olele 
Nani Wartabone Park 
Tomini Bay 

Tourist attractions in Gorontalo not only offers beauty alone, but can provide more knowledge on the history of the ancestors of people who are in Gorontalo

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Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo Island
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