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Red Island Beach Banyuwangi - East Java

Travel Adventure - Red Island Beach Banyuwangi, East Java - One more world-class surfing destination presented in Banyuwangi, not the G-land (Plengkung) but was named Beach Red Island. This beach has advantages compared to G-land that does not have a lot of rock like so Plengkung Red Island beach safer for surfers including beginners. This beach has another characteristic, namely the presence of a 200-meter-high hill in front of the beach-like beaches in Brazil.
Red Island
Red Island beaches like Kuta Beach in Bali, but more rolling waves (up to two meters long and 300 meters) where it allows surfers to maneuver the tubes technique. Waves at Beach Red Island could certainly be the goal surfers beginner, amateur or professional as having an average level of a two meters. This is in contrast with Plengkung beach or G-Land is just more enjoyable professional surfers. 

Name of previous Red Island is Beach Ringin Pitu. Substitution name to Red Island is based on two versions. Some say because of the color of red soil and sand of the island as high as 200 meters. Some are mentioned, purportedly from the Red Island in front of beach (approximately 100 meters) that was once the red light emitted so that local residents renamed the Red Island. 

Another attraction of this beach is located adjacent to the fishing village Pancer. You can also take advantage of the citizens to stay home, fishermen feel the friendliness and simplicity will be a different experience from the usual.

Red Island Beach which is part of a series on the south coast of East Java can be reached within three hours by four-wheel vehicles or motorcycles from Banyuwangi town or approximately 60 miles. Its location close to the residential areas in the Village Sumberagung, District Pesanggaran. The access road to this place fairly smoothly so that makes it a tourist destination Banyuwangi residents. Take advantage of the rental vehicle services Belimbingsari Airport to make your trip because there is not much public transport in the direction of this coast. 

If you utilize public transportation from Banyuwangi could use existing or Ujang Jaya bisminto Pesanggaran majors. Next down in the Market Pesanggaran and proceed with a motorcycle taxi to the Red Island. From the direction of Jember, you can get off at Terminal Jajag then replace the bus ride to Pesanggaran. 

The waves at this beach is quite high ranging from 3-5 meters and is suitable for lovers of the sport of surfing (surfing). According to local residents, tourists from France, Germany and Australia often visit this place. 

Red Island is also close to Mount Overlapping Pitu or in Indonesian can be translated as "Tumpeng Seven", as far as the eye can see there is a row of seven mountains lined up quite neatly. 

At the entrance location protected forest area, detected save natural resources such as gold. Reportedly, most of the region has been ogled investors to be explored. 

Equipped with rocks brown, one of the hill close to the beach as transformed into a reddish color. Of phenomena that, beginning beaches located in the village Sumberagung, District Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi district, known as the Red Island. 

Red Island Beach is obvious that the main surfing but for the local or domestic tourists, the beach is often a family recreation destination. In some places the corner of the hill are often seen in action paragliding enthusiasts.

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Red Island Beach Banyuwangi - East Java
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