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Yellow Sand Beach On The Island of Bangka

Yellow Sand Beach On The Island of Bangka - Yellow Island is an island located in the east of the island of Sumatra has almost in every part of the island's beautiful beaches, gentle and soft white sand. Unless Tempilang area, which is the only area that has a yellow sandy beach. This is unique for this area. Yellow sand beach located in the village of West Bangka Regency Tempilang approximately 70 KM from the city of areca Base. 

Yellow Island

Yellow sand beach located in the village of Water latitude, District Tempilang West Bangka Regency, or no more than 100 km from Pangkalpinang. To reach this beach is quite easy. It is also close to the center of economic activities Tempilang. In addition, the roads that connect it to the beach has also been paved. 

Visitors are advised to use private vehicles for public transport to the village and the location of the ceremony is very rare. Visitors also have to be careful because a lot of the hollow road with the dust floating in the side of the road if the weather is hot. Because of the lack of good roads, access to the location of the travel takes about 25 minutes. In the village and around this beach, visitors can easily find accommodation, restaurants and eating houses. 

Golden yellow sand is the main attraction for tourists visiting this beach. With a beautiful view of rocks located in the corner of the beach, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

There is a unique tradition of the coastal communities, each before the month of Ramadan, Yellow sand beach visited by many tourists at home and abroad to witness the traditional rituals Ketupat War People's Party. Ketupat War is one of the rituals Yellow sand beach community. 

The ceremony is intended to feed the spirits believed to reside on land. Sloping beaches and the waves are calm Yellow Sand makes an interesting place to be one of the family gathering place. 

If by chance you decide to Bangka holiday this long holiday weekend, do not miss this one to the beach. Yellow sand beach has unique only on the island of Bangka. 

When there is a beach in Lombok Island are very unique because of pink sand beach, then in Bangka Island was unique because there are beach colors sand beaches are not uncommon. Yellow colored beach with sand. 

Do not be disappointed in advance, which has a beach of yellow sand may be used for those who frequently travel to the beach. But the beach is clearly different. As we know, that the beaches in Bangka Island was known for its white sand beaches that glow. 

The scenery on the beach is also quite captivating. sightings of sunrise and sunset seems to be enjoyed here. because this beach has two sides. One facing west, the other facing east, before the month of fasting, usually held at this beach party custom Rhombus War. Travelers will cornucopia usually when the event took place.

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Yellow Sand Beach On The Island of Bangka
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