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The Best Holiday Beach in The Province of Banten

The Best Holiday Beach in The Province of Banten - Banten is a division of West Java province is located at the tip of the western part of Java Island. Banten area known as the bustling port since the colonial era. In this area, too, had once contained one of the oldest kingdoms in Java, namely the Kingdom of Tarumanagara. Besides being known as a bustling port area, Bantam also has tourism potential is no less interesting. Many tourist attractions in Banten that offers natural charm and fascinating culture. 

Talking about tourist attractions in Banten probably still less popular with tourist areas in Indonesia such as Bali, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. However Bantam save tourism potential will not be found in other areas. The following are some of the tourist area in Banten are interesting to visit. 

Ujung Kulon National Park Beach 
Ujung Kulon
As the name implies, Ujung Kulon National Park is located in the western end of the province of Banten. The National Park is a habitat of various animals especially protected rhinoceros. Ujung Kulon National Park consists of several small islands. For accommodations, visitors do not need to worry because in this region there are already facilities such as transportation and lodging. For those of you who are interested in nature and would like to see Rhino up close, the Ujung Kulon is the right place. 

Anyer Beach 
Anyer Beach
Who does not know Anyer beach? This beach is a tourist icon Serang and Banten. Anyer offers beautiful beaches with white sand and the wind is blowing breezy. In Anyer visitors can also enjoy various water rides like jetski, parasailing, banana boat, and various other water sports. The property also has adequate accommodation with many standing around the beach area. 

Mount Krakatau
Krakatau Mount
Mount Krakatau is known worldwide because of the devastating eruption in 1883 that caused a tsunami in the region of Banten and Lampung and eruption-sounding thump to the European continent. Currently Krakatoa leaving only two new volcanoes in the middle of the rest of Anak Krakatau eruption preceding caldera. This place is the main attraction for local and foreign tourists to see the remnants of a large eruption in 1883 and volcanic activity are common in the volcano. 

Baduy Tribe Village
Baduy Village
Baduy tribe villages where tourism possible in Banten most unique and interesting. Baduy tribe is native tribes who had always lived in their village. This tribe is very unique because of the tradition that has always kept strong by not using today's technology. So in the township did not use electricity as well as its people rely on their own strength to survive such as agriculture, clothing, housing, etc.. Uniqueness is used as a tourism asset. Visitors can enjoy the simplicity of life and enjoy the Bedouin tribe of beautiful nature away from the city noise and the influence of technology. 

Sawarna Beach
Sawarna Beach
Sawarna beach is a tourist attraction in the province of Banten new beach, beach is located in the district Sawarna Bayah, Banten. Sawarna beach has beautiful beaches and a still unspoiled by tourists rarely Sawarna beach even referred to as a hidden paradise in Banten with white sand and calm waves, and there are beautiful coral shaped made ​​beach Sawarna become increasingly popular with nature beautifully natural. For access to the beach Sawarna require 6 hour drive from Sukabumi or 10 hours from the capital Jakarta. 

Tourist attractions in Banten also still many other places besides those already mentioned above. Among them is the Great Mosque of Banten, Bird Island, Pulau Umang, Rawadano, and much more. Tourist attractions can be a family choice to spend vacation time. 

Looking at the unique tourism potential and the other from the other regions, it is not wrong if the tourist attractions in Banten was named a tourist destination in Indonesia. Krakatoa stout, exotic one-horned rhino, to the simplicity of Baduy tribe can be used as an attraction for foreign tourists to visit tourism in Banten Province. 

Tourist attractions in Banten holds the potential unique and different from other regions. Some interesting tourist sites include: Anyer beach, Ujung Kulon National Park, Mount Krakatau, Baduy Tribe and Village. Krakatoa stout, exotic one-horned rhino, to the simplicity of Baduy tribe can be used as an attraction for tourists mancanegra to visit tourism in Indonesia, particularly in the province of Banten.
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The Best Holiday Beach in The Province of Banten
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