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Best Holiday in Bogor City

Best holiday in bogor City - Bogor City is a place that has a lot of interesting attractions to visit. With vacation in Bogor you will get a variety of fun moments. Like the place to visit in the past because the city of Bogor has relics of the past, for example such as slate, building relic of the past Dutch colonial period and inscriptions. There are many tourist attractions in Bogor which is very unique, because it seems like the city of Bogor impressed Sciences. and the air is still cool to make the visitors become more comfortable and fresh. 

Bogor is also impressed as city services, because we can easily see that there is a shopping center in Bogor and can enjoy the natural beauty that is in Bogor botanical garden. Well in this article you will be given an overview about the tourist attractions in Bogor interesting, unique, beautiful and definitely fun. These places are: 

Bogor Castle or Bogor Botanical Gardens
Bogor Castle
Bogor Botanical Gardens has an area of ​​approximately 87 hectares and as an icon of the city of Bogor. With the tens of thousands of species of plants and animals that live around the Bogor Palace. Bogor botanical gardens are the lungs of the city of Bogor because in addition there are many plants as well as a place of research by scientists and students. The Botanical Garden attracts tourists with coolness, comfort and d beauty that make this place as a tourist spot in the most desirable Bogor. 

Puncak Bogor - Tea Gardens 
Garden Tea
The peak is located in the highland tea gardens surrounded by very spacious with very beautiful panorama and of course cool. The tea plantation is a tourist spot besides being a tourist spot as well as sporting events such as cycling, jogging and kite flying. 

Cultural village Sindangbarang
Cultural Village Sindangbarang
This village is the oldest village in Bogor city, village culture Sindangbarang advantage of this is once a year must hold a traditional ceremony of "Seren Taun", meaning an expression of gratitude to the Creator. And also in this village there is a wide range of Sundanese art and historical relics in the days of Padjadjaran kingdom. 

The Jungle Bogor 
The Jungle
Is a family recreation area along with attractions that are educational for students who will recreation while learning. The Jungle located in Bogor Nirwana Residence housing area, beautiful landscape with a mountain background bark that are the hallmark of The Jungle. 

Safari Park Indonesia
Safari Park Indonesia
Safari park is a tourist favorite students because as a study tour, and also the family's favorite tourist attractions. This safari park is a zoo with a variety of animal habitats from different countries and even across the world. There is also a safari park rides and a children's pool. 

Those are some tourist attractions in Bogor which you can visit with the family in the selection of the place you want and according to your taste. If you want to travel while studying, then you need to plan to visit Taman Safari Indonesia as in park.
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Best Holiday in Bogor City
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