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The Best Holiday in The Stone Island Sailing, Samadua - Aceh

The Best Holiday in The Stone Island Sailing, Samadua - Sailing stone is the composition of giant granite boulders where there are two large stones standing vertically so that the screen is shaped like a white sand island as the boat. Stone structure like that is what makes this place Belitung people named Stone Sailing. The small island is about the size of a tennis court you are one of the great locations for you are doing a tour of the island or diving. 
The Stone Island
Stone Coast Sailing is located in the coastal district. Same Two, South Aceh district. Almost the same as the charred island, the island is located not far from the Cape Coast Kelayang, ranging from 10-15 minutes. The island has a beautiful panorama around offshore. Beautiful addition to the landscape, this beach can also be a place to fish. Stone Island Sailing is very mini size. We can around the circumference of the island is only a walk away in less than 10 minutes. 

Stone Island Sailing consists of 2 main granite stone that stands vertical height of approximately 10 meters. All around there are many granite boulders with no less artistic formations. The island is located not far from the mainland island of Belitung, still in the area on the coast of Cape Kelayang the west coast. 

There is a unique part of the island of Sailing, which is a granite stone at the edge of the beach where the water partially enclosed upper part shaped like a shark fin or shark teeth also. No name of this stone, so let's just call Stone Shark Fin (shark fin). This stone is often immortalized by photographers because of its unique island with a lighthouse Galangal as background scenery. 

On this island, white sand on the island will only appear when the tide is low, it means the boat will be anchored only at low tide as well. So if you want to stop by the island's Stone Sailing, please check with your boat driver when the time is right. Visits to Stone Sailing is part of the island hopping tour of the most favored by tourists in the Pacific. 

The sea around the island is very beautiful and shallow, with clear sea water and also there are many coral reefs. Fixed CAREFUL, sometimes there are a lot of Fur Pig (Sea Urchin) type of marine animals such as porcupine spiked with sharp thorns as sharp as needles. Make sure you use shoes or sandals when walking on the sea coast, especially in the East side of the island. 

However snorkeling activities are fun activities around this particular island Stone Sailing on the west coast where there are many coral reefs with lots of fish. If you do snorkel please be careful because sometimes quite strong ocean currents. Make sure you use a life jacket when snorkeling activity. 

Not only are the beautiful granite rocks, the presence of marine life such beautiful fish and starfish on the island is also the beautiful scenery of the island is presented.

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The Best Holiday in The Stone Island Sailing, Samadua - Aceh
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