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Ujung Kulon National Park Best Vacation

Ujung Kulon National Park is located on the western tip of Java Island. National Park area it covers an area of ​​1,206 square kilometers (443 square kilometers of which the sea), which begins from the cape of Ujung Kulon to the Indian Ocean. Included in the Ujung Kulon National Park is Krakatoa and several small islands around it, such as Handeuleum, Panaitan and Peucang Island. 
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Ujung Kulon National Park is the first national park was inaugurated in Indonesia, it is also one of the UNESCO-protected World Heritage in 1992. 

Currently, it is estimated approximately 50 to 60 Javan one-horned rhinos live in this habitat. West end was originally a farming area until finally destroyed with all residents when the Krakatau volcano erupted in 1883. 

Not difficult to reach the most western tip of Java Island. From Jakarta, visitors can choose the land route Jakarta-Serang Labuan as far as 120 kilometers. Can also selected-Cilegon-Jakarta route Labuan as far as 140 kilometers. 

From Labuan or Carita, Ujung Kulon National Park area can be achieved aboard a capacity of about eight people. Fast boat rental rate Rp. 3 million - Rp. 3.5 million per day. Another option is to travel from Jakarta-Serang-Pandeglang-Labuan-Well and ended at the Taman Jaya. 

From existing wells or Taman Jaya wooden motorboat medium speed with a payload capacity of about 25 people to the area's Ujung Kulon National Park. Rent is relatively cheaper rate, Rp. 1.8 million - Rp. 2 million per vessel per day. 

Before a visit to Ujung Kulon National Park, visitors used to confirm your arrival plans to visit the center hall Ujung Kulon National Park in the Pioneer Independence. In addition to asking for permission, this step is important to ensure the availability of accommodation in the Ujung Kulon National Park, such as Peucang Island.

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Ujung Kulon National Park Best Vacation
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