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Tourist Attractions in Garut

Tourist Attractions in Garut - Garut is one of the regions in Indonesia which is located in the western part of Java island. The food was typical of this region is lunkhead, as well as the famous handicrafts of the Garut leather jacket and leather gloves too. In addition, Garut also have very many attractions and cool and much visited during the holidays arrive. Tourist attractions in Garut this could be a reference you visit during the holidays. 

Indeed, during this Garut is not used as a major tourist destination many people. But this time Garut transformed into a very popular tourist destination and is visited by many tourists, both local and foreign. Here's a list of tourist attractions in Garut references that might be your holiday with your family. 

Beautiful Beach Cijeruk
Cijeruk Beach
The beach this one is excellent natural attractions that exist in Garut are able to attract the attention of more tourists. This beach is located in the village of Sagara and Pameungpeuk village, Garut. The beach is managed by the local government with good and beautiful that every tourist who visit feel satisfied and not disappointed visiting this beach. 

Temple Cangkuwang 
Temple Cangkuang
One of the attractions that this is a natural lake, has the same name as a historic site in the form of the temple whose name is Cangkuang. The temple is a temple that is very special, this is because in the area of West Java are not many historical relics such as temple. The temple is located in the village of Pulo, Cangkuang, District Leles, Garut. To visit tourist attractions in Garut this one, you have to take a boat which has a passenger capacity of 30 people because this place is in the middle of the lake. 

Mount Papandayan
Mount Papandayan
In addition to beach tourism and also the temple, there is also a mountain tourism in Garut area. Volcano is a volcano that has a high 2665 meters above sea level. To be able to enjoy every detail of its beauty, you can come to this mountain that is located 70 kilometers to the southeast of the city of Bandung is precisely located in District Cisurupan. 

Leuweung Sancang
Leuweung Sancang
Sancang Leuweung nature reserve is an area of ​​natural forest that is located in the southern area of ​​Garut, Sancang precisely located in the village, sub-district and directly adjacent Cibalong Tasikmalaya regency. This forest is very special because it is considered as a heritage site that is the place where King Siliwangi disappeared. This forest still kept its beauty and d beauty so as to give satisfaction to the visitors. 

Other attractions that you can explore the Situ Bagendit, Rancabuaya beach, waterfall Sanghiang Taraje, peak Degrees Garut Garut Santolo beach, pool Cipanas, tourist Rancabango sheep, river rafting and river Cimanuk Cikandang, Neglasari waterfall, Sacred tomb godog and still more attractions in Garut that you must visit when you go to Garut. 

Those are some tourist attractions in Garut you can visit and explore. As well as the lunkhead and a leather jacket, Garut is also famous for its natural beauty you should not miss for granted. If you visit Garut, do not forget to buy souvenirs typical food, besides lunkhead Garut also have special food such as oranges Garut, crackers skin and also diamonds. 

Tourist attractions in Garut very much and certainly able to give satisfaction to you and you will not be disappointed when visiting tourist attractions that exist in one of the districts in West Java.
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Tourist Attractions in Garut
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